Leadership Opportunities with NAIFA-Broward

Taking leadership roles in any organization requires time and dedication. Those who elect to participate on the NAIFA-Broward’s Board of Directors are professionals who take time from their busy schedules to give something back to the financial services industry.
The NAIFA-Broward would not exist without the dedication of these members. Participation from our members in the leadership of NAIFA-Broward is encouraged. Opportunities are available in a variety of capacities, ranging from committee positions with minimal time commitments to board positions with greater time commitments.
Surveys show that the busiest professionals who give back some of their time to professional associations are among the most successful in the industry. Volunteering helps develop new skills and creates enhanced networking opportunities. 
If you have questions about how you can help NAIFA-Broward, contact Rhonda Milrot at (954) 753-2262.
We would like to thank all of the NAIFA-Broward members who generously served their association on the board of directors.  We appreciate their efforts and look forward to seeing them at future NAIFA-Broward meetings.