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May 2022 Edition


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Unique case study of various topics of insurance lines of business presented in open format and group learning.

TOPIC:  How to Handle Death of a Spouse with Minor Children

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Time:  6:00 PM

Location: Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza & Wings
512 North Pine Island Road
Plantation, FL 33324

President’s Message

Greetings all,

NAIFA-Broward held the first hybrid, both in person and on Zoom, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for our CE meeting on April 20, 2022. The meeting was held at The Fort Lauderdale Golf and Country Club and included a buffet lunch. We had a great turnout, both in person and on Zoom I would like to extend our sincere thanks to our Presenter Steve Saladino – Principal Financial, who made the class both interesting and informative.  We hope those of you who participated will be able to implement some of his solutions to help your clients’ protect their businesses.

We look forward to our next event which will a social event ” Case Study and Pizza” moderated by Yoni Markoff, P.A.  It will be held at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza and Wings in Plantation on May 18. 2022. We will have all you can eat Pizza and soft drinks for a flat fee. See registration details.

NAIFA’s 7th Symposium on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will be held May 23,2022 in Washington, DC. There is no cost to attend the Symposium, and participants are encouraged to register for the Congressional Conference immediately following the Symposium. This year’s Congressional Conference will be held May 23-24, 2022.  At the conference NAIFA members get the opportunity to educate legislators on the needs and challenges affecting main street Americans.  NAIFA members who want to participate, receive Advocacy training and briefings, and tips for maintaining relationships with their legislators.  Appointments with legislators are arranged for NAIFA members and there are photo opportunities with legislators.  Registration has started, please visit NAIFA’s website https://conference.naifa.org/2022

If you are interested in becoming more involved in our Chapter, or if you have any questions, kindly contact our NAIFA-Broward Association Executive Rhonda Milrot 954-753-2262 or admin@naifa-broward.org

Submitted by:
Michele Thomas, BSC

Membership Report

  • Submitted by Michele Friedlander, RHU, REBC

    Immediate Past President, Membership Co-Chairperson, & Sponsorship Chairperson

    Did you know?!

    NAIFA provides a host of learning opportunities to enhance your practice, your sales skills and product knowledge.  Most are available at NO charge for members!  Start here:  https://www.catalog.naifa.org/ 

    Here’s a few to consider:  Digital Marketing with CEO Sheryl Hickerson, Sticktoitiveness with Former NFL Delvin Joyce on lessons learned to persevere, Your Work Matters with Dave Resseguie on rebuilding your value, Things I wish I knew- how to market like a Rock star – Five top advisors share what they wish they had known!

    Reach out to Michele Friedlander to find out more about how to get your firm to 100%.  Visit the site: Belong.NAIFA.org

    Welcome New/Reinstated/Transferred Members

    Anneline A. Brown

    Stratmire Real Estate Advisors

Submitted by Michele Friedlander, RHU, REBC
Immediate Past President, Membership Co-Chairperson, & Sponsorship Chairperson

National Committee Chair Report

The last two plus years have forced many of us to make changes to how we approach our daily lives.  Some changes have been easier than others.  However, one constant theme is the need to maintain and build relationships. The core of our profession is built on trust, ethics and delivering a promise. 

Our professional association, NAIFA, NAIFA-Florida, and NAIFA-Broward, helps us connect virtually, and in-person to learn, advocate and connect. 

Later this month we will have an opportunity to meet:

  • In-person locally for a case study presentation
  • in Washington, DC for the Congressional Conference to sharpen our saw, advocate and connect.
  • In July, to be motivated, grow and connect in Orlando for the NAIFA-Florida Sales Symposium.

These in-person connections are complimented by the opportunity to meet virtually and the on-demand offerings on www.naifa.org.  I suggest you consider taking a fresh look at how NAIFA can enhance your professional and development and grow your practice. 

Political Season Heating Up

The Mid-Terms are approaching and the need to connect to legislative candidates intensifies.I encourage you to visit https://advocacy.naifa.org/2021-naifa-congressional-conference-on-demand-archives to learn more about our advocacy efforts.

The greater our numbers, the louder and more influential our voice!

Submitted by:
Joseph Chalom
National Committee Chairperson

RAND: Broad geographic variation in hospitals’ commercial prices
spells opportunity for cost reduction policy

Gary Haft, CEP
NAIFA-Broward Senior Council

IFAPAC Committee Chair Report

(l) Florida Representative Dan Daley accepts NAIFA-Florida PC contribution from (r) NAIFA-Broward IFAPAC Chair Joe Chalom at a recent fundraising event in Coral Springs, Florida.  Representative Daley is running for re-election for Florida House District 97.

Please email joe@retirementcouncil.com if you have a relationship or connection with any current or future legislators. 

Submitted by:
Joseph Chalom
National Committee Chairperson

Submitted By:
Lee S. Gorodetsky

Our Sponsors

For more information, contact NAIFA-Broward Association Executive Rhonda Milrot at 954-753-2262, or admin@naifa-broward.org